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GBP USD technical analysis and symmetrical triangle pattern

GBP USD technical analysis and symmetrical triangle pattern
Published: Thursday, 28 December 2017 15:29

Technical analysis and the GBP / USD outlook from Gold Pattern the best forex signals provider
Best provider of GBPUSD recommendations
The GBPUSD trend in the near term is sideway for about two weeks as the pair trades between
The resistance level is at 1.3460 and the level at 1.3300
During this period the sterling gbpusd formed a symmetrical triangle pattern
The GBPUSD is now near the 1.3460 resistance level, which is at the same time
A turining point where we find it above the apex of the symmetrical triangle
It should also be noted that the price of GBPUSD is now testing the medium term bearish
trendline for the fourth time
Which renewed the chances of selling the pair
Today's technical analysis of the currencies and the expectations of sterling dollars GBPUSD
Preferably selling the pair as long as the sterling dollar below the important resistance level 1.3460

, 28 December 2017 15:22

1.3460 1.3300




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